Abortion Is Always Wrong

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‘’Abortion is always wrong’’ (12 marks) Some people will agree with this statement because abortion is deliberately terminating a pregnancy by removal and destruction of the foetus, which is parallel to murdering an innocent being; as life begins in the conception therefore abortion is wrong, despite that abortion was legalised in 1997, but you must have an consent of two doctors and under 12 weeks unless severe cases, and this must be carried out in the hospital. However some people will disagree with this statement because you may have reasons such as, finical problems, being raped, unplanned birth, mother at risk, child may be disabled. On the other hand others may say that God would not put you through hardships that you wouldn’t be able to do. But there are some cases some people may be able to choose is conjoined twins where the operation is to separate them causing one of them to die. I believe that abortion is wrong because you are killing a being that would have a future like ours; additionally you are causing pains and sufferings for yourself that you have to go through for a few days. Absolutists who look at each situation relatively, such as Roman Catholics apply their knowledge to the sanctity of life, and strongly believe that life begins when an egg is fertilised by a sperm and all babies have a soul from the moment of conception. Nevertheless if you abort a foetus then you are contradicting the Ten Commandments ‘’ do not murder’’ as you are murdering a human, as abortion is artificially ending the life of a foetus of the womb. In spite of that you are allowed to abort only if the mother is in risk of dying. Relativist like Church of England teaches that abortion is only acceptable in exceptional circumstances such as a mother’s life is at risk. Other relativists take a broader view but believe that abortion should be the last resort, and the

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