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Abortion: Pro-Life, Pro-Choice and In-Between Often in life, people are faced with trying circumstances that force them to take a moral stance on a controversial matter. The decision to continue or terminate a pregnancy is a divisive subject in terms of ethics, politics and science. Abortion has a lengthy timeline that predates reliable recorded history. Before modern medical advances, an abortion was a brutal and formidable process that was often lethal to women seeking the procedure. With increased technology and medical marvels, legitimate abortions, strictly as a procedure, have made breakthrough advances in regard to the safety and concern of the pregnant woman. The controversy, however, lies within each individual that this topic…show more content…
In the case of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court opined that it is the constitutional right of women to abort their unborn children as they see fit (Mikula and Mabunda). Abortion advocates unite regarding the status of a fetus as a non-living being with lifeless properties. They believe that this description remains true until the actual birth of the baby. Another pro-choice opinion is that women must retain their right to abort due to the fallibility of contraceptives. In the online article “Misperceptions About Unplanned Pregnancy,” the difficulty of obtaining birth control is addressed. It is noted that cost and other obstacles make contraceptives seemingly unobtainable, leading to many adolescent unplanned pregnancies. Also, in terms of accessibility, it is imperative to give women access to safe abortion-performing clinics as to limit the unsafe quest for illegal abortions. With modern surgical technology improving day after day, there should be no reason for a woman to be led, seemingly forcibly, to seek out illegitimate surgical options. Lastly, regarding the pro-choice agenda, simply put, abortion noticeably lowers crime rates. Unwanted children that result from unplanned and undesired pregnancies are often the victims of poverty and child abuse. These circumstances have been known to lead children and adolescents down a…show more content…
Some extenuating circumstances have included rape, incest, and acute and life-threatening medical conditions of the mother or unborn child. These situations, unfortunately, appear daily in the lives of unsuspecting victims. This midpoint between two extremes understands and sympathizes with unfortunate reality and chooses to maintain a pragmatic stance on abortion. Abortion is, and will always be, a source of much heated controversy around the world. It is important for all members of this debate to respect and acknowledge the difference of opinions between one another. Peaceable protests and addressing the issues with your state representative are just a few ways that both parties can express their passion and concern regarding

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