Saving Big John, The Law &Amp, Garden Doctor Essay

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Running head: SAVING BIG JOHN, THE LAWN & GARDEN DOCTOR 1 An Argument for the Retention of Big John, the Lawn & Garden Doctor Annie L. Ledford West Virginia State University SAVING BIG JOHN, THE LAWN & GARDEN DOCTOR 2 Abstract Keywords: pesticides, J & G Garden Center SAVING BIG JOHN, THE LAWN & GARDEN DOCTOR. 3 The services offered by John and Gloria Weed through their garden center are numerous and, for the most part, have been favorably accepted throughout the community. According to the online case, the Weeds not only provided the availability of "... garden tools, soils and mulch products, gifts, seeds and related accessories" (J & G Garden Center, n.d. a) but jobs as well. Likely their business survived because of family and community help that contributed to low start-up costs. They are both proud of their contribution to the community, as well as fulfilling a lifelong dream. Competition was strong but economic conditions allowed their small business to remain profitable. As Columbus experienced a housing boom, they decided to expand their service line by adding "BigJohn, The Law & Garden Doctor" (J & G Garden Center, n.d. b). Shortly afterwards, problems arose within the community. A customer alleged that his dog became ill after eating grass that had been treated by one of the technician. Another customer alleged that a neighbor's well was tainted from a treatment in the water runoff. The Weeds were adjudicated in both cases and ruled not negligent. However, John Weed was tormented with guilt about damaging anything or anyone in his community. He wanted to remain loyal both to his employees as well as to his neighbors. He did not want to tarnish their reputation as the family had lived in that community for years. But he was haunted by the

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