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Senior Geography Project by Lachlan Sprott Sustainable Agriculture- Cudgen NSW Abstract The following report will examine sustainable agriculture in the area of Cudgen. I will be Focussing on the Cudgen soil conservation project, Compost trials, soil, the Cudgen erosion project, and organic farming. I have researched on the internet and also by talking to local farmers and land care groups. Introduction Agriculture is the main land use in Cudgen, it puts many impacts on the area, socially, economically, and environmentally, all these pressures are putting viability on agriculture in Cudgen. However there are ways we can solve these problems by following sustainable agriculture strategies. In Cudgen farmers have been working together…show more content…
The sweet potato industry, although a high value industry, is becoming increasingly competitive. This underlines the importance of efficiency in minimising the loss of valuable soil. Large amounts of rainfall can result in the loss of soil on cultivated farmland. The loss of soil does not just affect the farmers it also affects the community The aim of the project was to increase awareness of soil health and to develop the best soil management practices for the Cudgen plateau. Figure [ 2 ] Water Way On the Cudgen Plateau, three adjoining landholders implemented soil conservation measures and strategies. During the first few weeks after crop planting, groundcover is often minimal, leaving the soil bare and vulnerable to erosion. In the area heavy rainfall events are common, leaving a high risk of erosion. Therefore, it was important, in terms of soil health and minimising soil loss, to implement an erosion management strategy which looked at controlling the water flow from the top to the bottom of the sub-catchment. Richmond land care worked with the participating landholders, developed and implemented a variety of erosion control works as part of the project. Shown in figure 2 is a water way to collect and control water flow, with rye grass planted as a…show more content…
The Cudgen soil conservation project is one of the most recent projects. The project is run by the Tweed Shire Council and Land Care, the aim of the project is to work with land holders to keep the soil on the paddocks. The project includes minor modifications to the interface between paddocks and drainage lines. Berms along drainage lines direct runoff into small settling ponds which slow the flow, giving the muddy water time to settle out. Farmers can then retrieve the soil that would have otherwise ended up in downstream waterways (Cudgen

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