Company Q's Social Responsibility Study

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Evaluation of Company Q’s Current Attitude towards Social Responsibility Jennifer Salisbury Western Governors University Evaluation of Company Q’s Current Attitude towards Social Responsibility Section A: Evaluation Company Q’s current attitude towards social responsibility is being perceived as a costly nuisance that they are avoiding. The lack of concern in assessing the organization’s current culture is apparent due to the recent store closures in the higher crime rate areas. Also, consumer requests are not being addressed in a timely manner, and if they are, it is below satisfaction, by offering a bare minimum of high-end products. The fact that a local area food bank approached Company Q should have set a new standard in its conduct…show more content…
Through obtaining products directly from local farmers would also lower shipping costs, thus satisfy customer requests, and contribute to the local community, while continuing to be profitable. Consumers still experience a limited product selection during the season, but the overall satisfaction during the peak times will help sustain customer loyalty. As season products change, the employees should stay current as to what products will be available, and when shipments arrive. The more knowledgeable the employee is, the more trust the customer will have in the business as a whole. Empowering employees with experience will allow them to help the public successfully resulting in an overall customer service experience that will set them apart from other local grocery store chains. In turn, Company Q should implement an employee incentive program that rewards employees, based on their, performance, commitment, and customer feedback. Employees who go above and beyond what is expected should be valued and praised for the hard work they do, by having an employee of the month award with additional…show more content…
Nothing worse can hurt a company’s reputation than a headline in the local newspaper that states “Company Q refuses to offer food to the local area food bank, due to employee trust.” The public knows this is not a valid excuse, and could start purchasing their products elsewhere. Working with the local food bank is not only the ethical thing to do, but will also demonstrate their commitment to the general welfare of the public. Company Q could also take this a step further and have a local food drive during the holiday’s and offer discounts to consumers who donate over a certain amount. Pretty soon, word of mouth will spread, and Company Q’s grocery chains will be a major player in the community. Consumers will be more likely to spend their money at Company Q’s grocery store chains over others because they will feel involved as well in the contribution of their

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