Satire About Racers

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PRELUDE Hello there my name is Marco Andretti; I live in a small town forty-five minutes away from downtown New York. It is the year 2387 and the world is at peace with one another there is no war and there have been multiple breakthroughs in science and technology. One of which is the air board; this is something that allows the user to freely ride the magnetic fields of the planet, thus creating the Air Boarding World Federation (A.B.W.F). A racing league of three member teams competing for a chance to win the World Grand Prix, the teams are comprised of three classes of racers. Speed: racers driven to reach new top speeds every chance they get, Flight: scout racers that take to the skies in order to assist their teammates, Power: bulldozers…show more content…
Now we are what make up the Air Slammers boarding team. Sarah and Lily are twin sisters, but their parents decided to give them names that are nowhere close to each other. In order to avoid getting them mistaken for the other, although they look almost exactly alike there is one difference between them. Sarah is extremely protective when it comes to her sister Lily and for some reason she will not let anyone but me talk to her when she is not around. Lily on the other hand is the friendliest girl I know, she has attended all of my races and is the first person to visit and the last to leave when I get banged up during a race and land myself in the…show more content…
I was the best student in that class, and as a reward the teacher allowed me to work on my board and gear whenever I wanted to. Suddenly Joseph and James walk into the room, thankfully the day was over and I picked up my board and gear and walked past them both avoiding another conversation. Half way away from school I can hear James, Mark and Joseph calling after me, I was so entranced with how I would break the new to my mom and bother. That I forgot James, Mark and Joseph lived on the same street as me and we normally walked home

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