Essay On Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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Growing up in the same environment does not always mean that siblings will grow to be the same person with the same values and beliefs. Alice Walker's short story "Everyday Use" is about the conflict that multi-generational families have with understanding the importance of identity and ancestry. The story focuses on the relationship between a mother and her two daughters, Dee and Maggie, over their grandmothers quilts. Unlike Mama, Dee is educated and is envied, Maggie, who was scarred in a house fire when she was little. Dee has returned from a long trip away from home and now determines her culture by the things she gathers from the house like the quilts and butter churn but in the end Maggie is the one with the right idea about her heritage.…show more content…
Maggie and Dee are both put through the same exact situations but there are different outcomes for both of them. Both Maggie and Dee deal with things in a different manor. Ever since Maggie and Dee were younger, Dee is the favorite. Dee gets pretty much anything she wants. Growing up Dee was the one that got to attend school in Augusta because Mama and the community raised the money for her to go. Maggie barely has an education because she was not chosen to go to school Dee was though. Maggie is not resentful toward them about it she has simply moved on. As Dee is ransacking through the trunk Maggie gets upset. Maggie knows she deserves the quilts made by her grandmother and aunt far more than Dee does but of course Dee thinks that everything is about her and that she should have what she wants. Maggie probably thinks that Dee will get the quilts because she had seemed to be Mama’s favorite, but not this time. Like Mama says, “This was Maggie’s portion.” Maggie deserves them way more than Dee. It is like they are back in church where once she would give Dee her “slightest whim,” she now refuses. After the fire it left Maggie with scars on the inside and out and that is why she acts so shy and timid throughout her
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