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Compare And Contrast Jobs Submitted by shula123 on August 16, 2011 Category: Social Issues Words: 574 | Pages: 3 Views: 223 Report this Essay Compare and Contrast I’m sure many people through their life time have had numerous jobs. Some jobs that they loved and many that they hated. Being 25 yrs old I’ve had the pleasure of working at two different lines of businesses. My first Job was working at daycare named Toddler Tech and my current job working as a customer service rep for FedEx. I enjoyed the 5 years that I was employed at Toddler Tech. But I can honestly say that I’m not too crazy about my present job at FedEx. There are many reasons why I like my job at Toddler tech then my job now at FedEx. First being the Interactions with my clients. Working as a building director/front desk at Toddler Tech, I had physical contact with the kids and their parents. I would greet them at the door, take their Childs tuition for the week, and even have meetings with concern parents. That bodily connection with my client was very important to me. Unlike FedEx, you’re basically speaking to your customer through a phone. Having no You must Login to view the entire essay. If you are not a member yet, Sign Up for free! idea what they look like or the lack of ability to really help them with any help or concerns they may actually have. Although FedEx is a desk job, In Toddler Tech I was always on my feet, and I loved it. I enjoyed the ability to just go from one place to another such as, going to a meeting at a different school, going on field trips with the kids, and even working in the classrooms. I was never bored at Toddler Tech and each day was something for me to look forward too. And it also helped me to stay in good shape. Whereas, FedEx I am sitting in a cubicle throughout my entire shift. I hate the back to back calls with

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