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Alexander A. DeMella October 2013 I am It’s August 31, 2013 and I am sitting at the desk of a substance abuse and vocational counselor at a rehabilitation center known as Outreach House 2 which I originally entered on March 12th of that same year. What I am doing is writing an essay that 7months ago I never would have imagined possible. Despite some of my initial struggles in the program, I work hard in the program to help better myself. By working hard I am allotted time to go home which is something I am so appreciative of because to me there is nothing that is more important than family. You see, I was spinning out of control, I fought with my family, I used marijuana, and I developed an apathetic view of the world around me. My grades even began to suffer which was…show more content…
I have always been proud to be a first generation El Salvadorian to be born on my father’s side, and a proud American citizen who has Italian blood in my veins. I am a caring, loving and empathetic person. I seek knowledge and have a passion for debating and for politics. Although I enjoy many things I have decided to be a nurse since nursing runs in the family. I love sports and I am an athlete that plays with extreme determination and effort. Football to me is more than a sport it is a lifestyle. The biggest dream I can think of has always been to be a Nittany Lion. I have won awards and even play through injuries for most of my life. I am more than just a jock though I am a member of many clubs including bible club, jazz chorus, and the drama club. I remember back to March 1, 2012 – for the very first time I was part of a musical. I was on the right side of the stage leaning on a Juke Box prop for the musical “All Shook Up”. Now I had

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