Safe School Policies

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Running head: SAFE SCHOOL POLICIES DESCRIPTION Safe School Policies Abstract One of the most important elements in schools today is developing and maintaining a safe environment in which students can learn. Without proper policies and safety programs in place, schools can become a dangerous place for children to learn, not only physically but also mentally. In this essay I will obtain various policies on safety from the state, district, and school levels. Safe School Policies When starting out a school year it is essential to have an effective classroom management plan in place for your students. This classroom management plan includes not only safety rules and procedures, but student behavior policies as well. Emmer, Everston, and Worsham suggest “a set of rules applied consistently in all classes and areas of the building is easy for students to learn.” (Emmer, Everston, & Worsham, 2003, p.19) When looking at maintaining safe classrooms and schools it is important to obtain policies from the state, district, and school levels. State, District, and School Levels One of our schools’ most important jobs is to ensure that all students are offered equal protection from potentially violent discrimination and harassment, which not only disrupt learning but also can leave lifetime scars. (California Department of Education, AB537 report) Ira Pollack and Carlos Sundermann suggest “that safe schools require broad-based efforts on the part of the entire community, including educators, students, parents, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and faith-based organizations. Efforts to enhance school safety must involve students at an early age and be reinforced throughout their education. Many communities have reduced school crime,
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