School Uniforms Essay

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Mandated School Uniforms In recent discussions regarding changing dress code policies which would include school uniforms, a controversial issue has been whether students would actually benefit by wearing a school uniform. My experience as a mother has caused me to strongly support public schools enforcing students to wear school uniforms. The time, energy, and money spent on school clothes are astonishing. I believe uniforms are necessary for the effective education of the next age group of students. There are numerous facts and findings on how school uniforms positively and completely enrich students’ school experience. School uniforms should be mandated in the United States from kindergarten to twelfth grade allowing our children to focus on their education and not their social environment. Uniforms are just one avenue we can take to attempt to improve our schools and raise student achievement. “According to the School Administrator publication, along with school reported statistics, the mandate of uniforms on campuses has reduced tardiness, skipped classes, suspensions, and discipline referrals” (Chen 1). All of these findings are extremely conductive of how mandating school uniforms would greatly improve our student’s ability to improve their school experience. “In addition, with the visual uniformity present across all students, the instance of school pride has increased. Similar to athletic team uniforms, dressing cohesively increase pride, unity, and a renewed commitment to the school. With uniforms, a more professional tone is set in school, encouraging students to take their studies more seriously” (Chen 1). Current interest in investigating the motivational dimension of school environments to guide both policy and applications stems partially from proposals by researchers in the early 1990s suggesting the focus on changing the child
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