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Local Government. The LEA's duty is to ensure a high standard of education for all children, including those with SEN. One main role they have is implement the policies set by the National Government and follow the curriculum they also set. They are responsible for things such as; catchment areas, funding for trips, free school meals, hiring the staff/maintenance staff/cleaners/caterers etc. When parents and/ or carers apply for a school for their child to attend, they may not always get in if they do not fit the criteria (catchment area). Therefore, the LEA has to deal with the appeals process. Furthermore, the LEA is responsible for setting up outside activities and extra clubs, for example; music lessons for the pupils. A massive role is the safeguarding. Ensuring all children are protected and in safe environment. The LEA have a closer role to the schools and the community. They are also responsible for; Training and development Tackling health inequalities Discipling the staff (depending on how serious the matter is) National government.National government are responsible for devising policies and the curriculum. Then ensuring that they are implemented. Their role is to enhance the opportunities and experiences for the children and the staff working with them by focusing on giving extra support for the more vulnerable children in England, to make sure they all receive the same level of education and equal opportunities . As well as setting the policy the National Government look into ways of maintaining the quality of the services for children under the five outcomes of Every Child Matters. They have also set up and administer school league tables. School league tables show how the schools are achieving. Not all students are going to be academic and would prefer to study vocational courses and this should be taken into account. Furthermore,
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