Race To The Top Initiative Case Study

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Follow Up #2 Race To The Top Initiative March 4, 2015 PART A The state of Maryland, a national leader in education, is dedicated to improving the success of students. According to the Maryland State Department of Education the key to their success is not standing still but continuing to learn and make changes when needed. In response to the need for reform, The Race to the Top initiative was awarded to Maryland in 2010. This grant of $250 million was provided with the goal of boosting the state’s education system to be able to stand against other systems in the world. Our society is evolving and graduates need to be prepared in order to be successful in college or the workforce. In order to prepare students for the future, Maryland…show more content…
Effective teachers and leaders are being placed in these schools to help student learn the necessary skills needed and achieve to their highest potential. The new teacher and principal evaluations are assisting with this goal. These evaluations are singling out the highest achieving teachers through the evaluation process as well as tracking the students’ performance and achievement. This evaluation system is encouraging “deeper analysis and use of data to focus on student needs” (Real Progress in Maryland, 2014). According to Astuto, Clark, McGree, Pelton Fernandez, and Read (1994), effective educators demonstrate a level of expertise that surpasses that of a teacher that has just basic skills. This assumption falls under the reform view. These superior educators understand the whole child and reveal a level of professional expertise that sets them apart from others and improves student learning. The new teacher and principal evaluations promote the success of students. Through the evaluation process teachers are encouraged to growth professionally. Educators work and learn in a collaborative environment. Professional development opportunities allow educators to be a part of trainings that are tailored more to their specific needs. This specifically relates to the reform view of ROR. Teachers are provided with opportunities to collaborate with other…show more content…
Race to the Top discusses the goal of this new curriculum is to prepare students for college and success in their careers. The new rigorous standards will be implemented in every classroom and these standards will set the stage of what students are expected to know at the conclusion of each grade level. The Common Core State Curriculum will equip students with problem solving, critical thinking, and other skills that prepare them for college or careers in the 21st century. The main issues with the implementation of this change is the success rate of students in the low achieving schools and the implications on special education. The rigorous standards are continuous from school to school and are defined with essential skills students should know (MSDE,2012). The Common Core Curriculum assumes the position of the conservation view in the context of school processes. According to Astuto, Clark, McGree, Pelton Fernandez, and Read (1994), the curriculum is developed around a shared set of knowledge that represents a common cultural heritage. The concern with this new curriculum is that students with special needs are going to become frustrated and left behind. The skills and knowledge embedded into the standards constitutes a one-size fits all mentality and do not allow for enough flexibility for those students who learn

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