Role of an Arab Woman

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Role of an Arab Woman As she walks through the doors of this unsettled mans life, she looks upon him with no consideration. That is when the man notices her undesirable beauty. As her nice natural colored hair shadows her face the man feels as if he is in search of eye contact. Though, as her reservedness doesn’t allow her to look upon or give the man a look of happiness, she enters his heart. Unsteadily he realizes he has to start the role of the Arab man; the role that Arab woman expects him to lead; the role of proposing to the lady that captured his heart without disrespecting her. As two hearts learn more from each other day by day, the two minds come to be one as they get married. Many long days pass by as the Arab couple is undecided on whether to have kids or not. Remembering, that they are not well to do financially, they disregard and decide to manage all that comes their way. The calm, sweet, loving of the little baby that has been brought into a new world brings, an unexpected joy and happiness to the couples life. As the lady realizes how one child can bring much joy to their life, she decide that she wants to see a child in every room of their house. The husband surely doesn’t mind having more kids from the lady that he is in love with, though he does start to see and feel how it is to be more responsible being married. Before, it was one lady to care for, now its three ladies and two boys. The caring Arab lady now has the role of raising, not one child anymore, but four. Do you think it’s as simple as she thought? Well, no, things began to get complicated. Raising two boys and two girls that weren’t so far apart in age was one of the hardest things she has experienced ever since marriage. Besides cooking and providing meals for her children that need to grow up healthy. She starts to realize that she is not giving herself personal time.

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