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Summary and Personal Response Professor Carrie Miller English 115 October 26, 2013 “Farm Girl” by Jessica Hamauer. Summary and Personal Response “A typical ten year old child does not have to wake up at five in the morning to do chores” Hamauer essay (as cited in Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2011, p. 83, para. 1). This was how Jessica felt at ten years old regarding farm chores that were required. After gaining her freedom, she realized that her demanding upbringing on the farm was actually a huge benefit to her in life. This strenuous schedule taught her many valuable lessons. She learned to withstand many stressful situations with ease. This rearing gave her special qualities and abilities that most people have not learned at such a young age (Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2011). One key point that I found in Jessica’s essay was that of feeling she was in charge instead of being told what to do all the time. Being the youngest she felt she was always coddled and overprotected. When she was given the responsibility of tending to the calves; she felt for the first time empowered in a way like never before. Later she realizes this was just the beginning of the special qualities she conveys in life as a young woman today (Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2011). Jessica felt as if her family did not function normally. She thought it was abnormal that they did not have a meal together as a family. I personally think that the family worked together very well to accomplish survival and a concrete financial future on the farm (Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2011). Jessica felt envious of the other children at school because they were able to do before and after school activities. Jessica was restricted as she had chores to do upon awakening and arriving home after school. This made her feel left out and she would sit in silence waiting for moments that she could contribute and

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