Argumentative Essay: Food Stamps And Welfare

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Should public assistance such as food stamps and welfare, be discontinued as it is harmful to our economy? This is a question but yet still a political concern I frequently ask myself. Why should public assistance subside when they are many people in need of it? I know of many single mothers who works over forty hours in a week just to make ends meet for her kids and to pay her bills and who still gets public assistance such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as many of us know it as food stamps and many other government help. These are hard working women who in fact, not only work overtime but are also an active supporter towards their kid’s education and extracurricular activities. These are not women who sit around all day at home doing nothing with their lives such as not working or not in school. There are also many co-ed families who receive food stamps and public assistance and single fathers but a single mother makes up majority of help from the government. Now, another concern is how is it harmful to our economy? According to The Heritage Foundation, “The food stamp program is old and fossilized. Aside from enormous increases in cost, it has remained basically unchanged since its…show more content…
The category type includes, children, those with disabilities and pregnant women like me. Medicaid covers a variety range of conditions that many health care plans, such as an employer-paid plan, have typically not covered. In addition to providing traditional medical care, it also offers doctor’s visits, dental, vision, inpatient and outpatient hospital services. Medicaid is very beneficial to most of us who are in need of it since our jobs, parents or significant other job companies does not supply the health care needed. Without the help of the federal government many people today would have been dead or suffering with many

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