Chapter 11 In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

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Chapter 11 is a crucial point in Ruth’s life it’s about what every girl wants and searches for in life to find true love and even love from family. Ruth finds out that her family dinners are very different from others and she realizes things about her own family that she never knew. Ruth uses food to bring her and her boyfriend together(Doug) and her family more close to one another and even close to Doug and shows how different their families are from one another. Ruth starts this chapter in a state of as being lonely and highlights on the end Ruth’s college career and how her mom wants her to move home but Ruth really wants to finish graduate school but her parents refuse to pay because they don’t want her to. She gets a job to pay for…show more content…
Ruth realized that as much as she loved cooking that it made her under appreciate her father and not take time to learn about him or his interest because cooking was the big thing to her and her mother in their family. Doug learned that he didn’t have the family structure as Ruth did and he always yearned for family would listen and talk to him about his accomplishes and things he enjoyed. Ruth’s whole outlook on this chapter is to inform us about a part in her life as she does in every other chapter. It’s very hard to relate with Ruth’s made point in this chapter because I have never experienced a feeling like Ruth has. So I cannot really relate to how she feels. What I can relate with is the feeling of jealousy she feels about Doug knowing things about her father that she didn’t. I too get jealous need It be with my siblings instead of a boyfriend I know how jealously feels. Ruth did a good job of showing the pain, jealously, confusion she felt throughout this chapter by emotions she had and things she said throughout this chapter. Ruth realizes life isn’t all about her and cooking. There are other things in life than preparing meals and being so focused on yourself. This chapter shows the blossoming of Ruth’s life and her relationships she has with other people. From this Chapter I think Ruth will lean about life and how food can not only bring her to show her good aspects in life but how it can bring her closer to the people she cares most

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