Sensory Skills in Infants

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Sensory Skills in Infants Babies are miraculous creatures that God had created on earth. Every baby has their different ways to grow or develop. Some babies grow up faster than others, they grow sooner than people can imagine. Starting when they start growing in their mother’s belly to when she gives birth, the babies already have the essential parts in their body formed. In the development of the newborns, we can see how they starting to adapt to our world, our people, and our things. They are ready to learn everything that the world can offer to them. They learn really fast by using their sensory skills. This paper is going to point out the different sensory skills that newborns used to get used to our world which are touching, hearing, smelling, tasting, and visual. Sensory Skills in Infants Babies are miraculous human being that God had created. The first day babies come into the world, people are always happy to welcome them. It’s always a special day for their parents. People are usually impatient to know everything about newborns, such as their sex, their names, weight, who do they look similar to, how they smile. They are so tiny little creature that bring joy to families, friends, even to strangers. Whenever people go, if they see a baby, no matter what mood they were, they always answer back to the baby when he or she sees them. People always answer the babies by smiling back, talking to them, or making some kind of signs to them. Even when some people don’t like babies, but they usually do something good when they are around. Babies are really smart; even though we don’t usually know how to communicate with them, but they do. They have been born with their special skills to connect with people. Sometimes they behave in certain ways that their parents can’t understand, but when they get used to the babies, they will see that they were trying to
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