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English Controlled Assessment Sexism in Advertising Fairy Liquid “BACK TO THE 1950S” It’s easy to say that in adverts from the past there is a clear divide between men and women; there are adverts for men, and adverts for women. This applies even if they are selling the same product. Back then men and women had their “stereotypical” roles to play. Adverts from back then just outlined what had already formed, selling household products to only women because who else would need it? Not a man, of course. Back then men were viewed as superior because that’s all they were ever taught. “It takes a lot of dishes and a lot of washing up, for mum to build an athlete” (Fairy Liquid and the Olympics) this reinforces the idea that women do the household chores in service to the males of the house. The implication that housework is purely a woman’s work is completely unacceptable in today’s day and age where women are seen as strong and independent. The unequal distribution of domestic responsibilities has held women back for generations; it still today continues to hinder women’s progression in the work-place. It seems like everyone thinks mum will stay at home and do the dishes, her little boy will grow up to become a big, strong man but not her daughter, of course, she is far too busy washing her own children’s dishes. But it is not just women who suffer sexism, men do also. For example: Shelia’s Wheels sell cheaper car insurance to women only, and they say it's because statistics show women to be safer drivers. Would it would be fair for a bank to offer men better rates on loans if stats showed that men were better at paying back loans than women were, utterly ludicrous. It's also unbelievable the amount of women who assume they are a safe driver, just because they're female. So being a safe driver no longer means you are in fact a safer driver, being female means you

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