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Jasmine Tyler 09/11/14 4B Bedford 114-119 Meaning 1. She responded because she fit most of the criteria and she was curious as to what they would say. She also responded because the $25,000 could have changed her life. She also may have done it to see the people happy. To her they are complete strangers but during and after the fact that she gives the egg, they would eventually have to become a lot closer due to the fact that she has pretty much given them a baby. I do think that Cohen was really going to give them her eggs. I think she was really going to give them her eggs because of the fact that she was so enthusiastic about donating them to the couple that wanted them. 3. Her purpose was to give insight on the process of egg-donating, but also give the information, or insight, from a first person account. It was important that the story be told from a first-hand account because then you’d actually be able to relate and empathize with her instead of just reading it from someone’s point-of-view who wasn’t even there to experience the situation. She also wrote it from a first-hand account so that the reader could really, truthfully, and faithfully understand everything that happened and everything that was involved. I also think that she wanted to show her opinion on the idea of donating eggs considering the fact that she was actually a part of the whole process. 4. The thesis of Cohen’s essay, Grade A: The Market for a Yale Woman’s Eggs, is at the very bottom of paragraph twenty-three. The thesis reads, “I understand the desire for a child who will resemble…” up until “…encumbered with too many expectations.” I personally believe that the thesis sums up the whole/main idea of the essay really well. Writing 2. There are two very specific parts of the essay where Cohen lays down the groundwork for her thesis. One of

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