Road Rage Essay

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In the United States, a growing epidemic that greatly affects transportation is know as road rage. Road rage by definition is a fit of violent anger by the driver of an automoblie, usually directed toward, and often endangering, other motorists or pedestrians. When one is experiencing road rage, roadways can become unsafe and anyone driving nearby can be at great risk. Today, there is a growing number of automotive accidents often times being caused by situations involving road rage. There are many different variables that can bring about or cause road rage. One factor that can lead to road rage is drivers feeling territorial. To many drivers, their vehicle is a very important and valuable possession of theirs. This causes the urge to protect it, and sometimes even act overprotective of it, which may lead to road anger. Another cause of road rage can be selfishness of a driver. These drivers usually do not care about anything except where they are going and what they are doing. Not obeying driving laws and disreguarding other drivers can cause unsafe driving, which may lead to accidents. Although there are many different effects of road rage, most, if not all, are negative. The most common effect of road rage is car accidents. Damage to the vehicle, injuries, and even death are some of the outcomes of accidents. Another effect of reckless driving can include large fines and even losing liscence priviledges. Unpredictable and reckless driving occurs when drivers go through road rage which is extremely dangerous. While road rage is an increasing problem on the roads, there are several different way to prevent it. Some ways can be as easy as breathing. When a driver believes that they are about to lose their temper and become angry, taking several deep breaths has been known to cool the driver down enough to drive less recklessly. The type of music listened to

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