Multitasking While Driving

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Multitasking while Driving According to Alina Tugend's article "Multitasking Can Make You Lose Um Focus," multitasking may be saving time but is, inadvertently, causing more stress and is actually making the work that is being done less efficient. (Tugend, NY Times) In her article, Tugend describes multitasking as not actually "splitting your attention" but as "switching focus from one task to another." Tugend speaks on the brain's involvement with multitasking and examines what is happening as it changes focus on different tasks. The brain is not designed to simultaneously work on more than one task at a time and doing so causes you to lose focus on one of the tasks at hand. According to Tugend's source Professor Earl Miller we can do a couple of things at the same time if they are routine, but when they demand more cognitive process it hinders our brain's ability to keep up. (Miller in Tugend, NY Times) In Tugend's article she talks about how David E. Meyer concluded in one of his 2001 studies that it took the participants a great deal of time to shift between more difficult tasks. "Although the time it takes for our brains to switch tasks may be only a few seconds or less, it adds up. If we’re talking about doing two jobs that can require real concentration, like text-messaging and driving, it can be fatal." (Tugend, NY Times) Doing anything other than paying full attention to the road ahead while driving can be fatal, not only to you but to the other individuals around you. Driving is something that requires a person's undivided attention regardless if the car is in motion or stopped at a red light. Not only does the driver have to be conscious of their actions but they have to be aware of the actions of other drivers and pedestrians. Switching focus off the road for even just a second can end your life. One of the biggest problems in the world, that is

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