Drivers Classification Essay

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There are many types of drivers that we all encounter on the road, and they are often classified by age. You can expect to find these drivers on a road near you: the teenage driver, the middle-aged driver, and the slow but steady elderly drivers. While the term “driver” can be applied to just about anyone behind the wheel, the way a person drives often changes with age. At the age of 16-20 year old, teens are more concerned with looking cool than with driving responsibly. Teenage drivers have lack of driving experience, and a distraction of using electronics. They want to be seen driving while on their cell phones and have the loudest stereos. Teenage tend to use electronics while driving, and they do not know that it is a huge distraction. They impress each other by driving recklessly and being faster than their friends. Some teenagers are very cautious when they are driving. Teenagers who are cautious when driving are most unlikely to get into car accidents because they are always paying attention so that if an accident were to occur they can see it in enough time to try to prevent it from taking place. The second type of drivers by age is middle-aged drivers. They tend to have poor eyesight, tail-gating, and speeding that will result in accidents. These drivers have the uncanny ability to squeeze through the smallest openings as they weave through every car that gets in their path. For example, poor eye sight can cause the driver not to see clearly of where they’re going. Tail-gating the car in front can also cause accidents. They always seem to be in the biggest hurry as they drive inches behind your car waiting for the opportunity to pass you. The third type of drivers is the elderly or old age drivers. Older drivers are more likely to cause traffic citations and get into accidents as their driving abilities changes with age. Older drivers have slower

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