Left Lane Slowest

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One of the most annoying things while driving is people driving very slowly in the left lane. The left lane isn’t for older people and other slow drivers to drive in. The left lane is made for people to pass and drive faster then people in the middle lane and right lane, the slow lane. People that drive slowly in the left lane think they are being safe drivers. They think this because they are obeying road rules by going the speed limit, if not less. But going slower in the left lane is a hazard to other drivers because people start to tailgate and get road rage. People who drive slowly in the left lane are oblivious to the trouble they are causing the faster drivers in the same lane. Other drivers around the slow left lane drivers get all frustrated which isn’t safe for the slow drivers or the fast drivers or the “nervous wreck” drivers. When drivers get all exasperated they become irrational, and irrational people do dumb things without thinking. The “nervous wreck” drivers don’t know how to react to road rage and people going crazy around them. I think that driving in the left lane slow is a hazard, regardless of what the slow driver thinks. From personal experience, when someone drives slowly in the left lane, people start to use their horns. People start to curse and get all infuriated. Also, I have seen car accidents from people just driving straight into the slow driver’s car. Safe driving rules state that the right lane is for slower moving vehicles and the left lane is the passing lane. You might think that this is just a belief and not reality but from outside research it’s awfully realistic. It’s such a problem that legislators are stepping in and trying to pass bills and laws. “Sen. Mike Bennett from Bradenton has introduced a new bill, which would allow Florida drivers to get ticketed for driving too slowly in the left lane.
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