Understanding Potential Hazards in Health and Social Care Essay

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Understanding potential hazards in Health and Social Care Electricity Supply - All electrical equipment hold a risk of a potentially dangerous electrical shock, it can be caused by contact with live parts and could result in burns or even death in bad cases, so it’s important to ensure that your computer is fully tested and maintained. Exposure to arching may lead to an injury and faulty electrical equipment or installations has a high risk of fires. Unsuitable electrical apparatus’ can cause explosions. Raw Sewage - Exposure to raw sewage or its products may result in a number of health risks and illnesses. Gastroenteritis; can cause stomach cramps and pains, diarrhoea, and vomiting. Weil’s disease; causes flu like symptoms with severe persistent headaches, damage to liver and kidneys. Hepatitis; can cause liver inflammation, asthma, breathlessness, tight chested, and wheezing. Raw sewage can cause infections of the skin and/or eyes. In rare cases; allergic reactions may occur from alveolitis which is the inflammation of the lung. Can cause fever, breathlessness, dry coughing and aching muscles and joints. Traffic - Traffic can hold many various hazards. For example, if you trying to cross a busy road, there is a high risk of injury as drivers may not see the individual crossing or isn’t paying enough attention to the environment around him. If someone is driving long distance, it is required for them to have regular breaks otherwise it increases the chance of an accident that may cause injury or worse. Weather conditions can affect an individual’s driving, for example heavy snowfall can make driving conditionals extremely hazardous in many circumstances. Road rage is a serious issue and has become more frequent, this can distract and anger many drivers that can increase a risk of an accident. Road transport accounts for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon

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