Bad Drivers Essay

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Wenda Bonazza, English 101/108 2-18-13 Dangerous Driving Habits Driving can be fun; however, many underestimate the dangers associated with driving a car. Society feels the harsh effects daily, which are related to the lack of responsible drivers on the road today. Many of today’s drivers have dangerous driving habits of being over confident, distracted, and drive while under the influence. Many drivers today are dangerous because they are over confident. It is typical for a person to drive cautiously in the beginning. Then with time, a driver begins to feel invincible on the road and inevitably causes the driver to throw caution to the wind. After driving for several days or weeks, many drivers believe they are better equipped to handle a car on the road. They believe that they no longer need to follow the laws and begin to drive differently. For instance, at first, many drives follow the speed limit, but after a short time they feel confident that they can go faster and handle any situation that may come up. They don't realize that the faster ones goes the more control is needed to handle the car and only realize this after losing control of the car and crash into a car or over turn the car on the road. In addition, after driving a short time, many people believe they no longer need to keep both hands on the steering wheel and begin driving with one hand and in some cases with their knees. A friend of mine always drives with her knees when applying her makeup. She believes she can control the car just as good with her knees as she can with both hands. Another way drivers are over confident is not Bonazza-Aubry -2 wearing a seat belt. They think they are the best drivers and don't need the added protection because they won't get into an accident. Distractions are another danger all drivers face today. One type of

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