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Sunrise Cantina Luvianka Olivares Survey of Hospitality Management September 15, 2013 Mexican Restaurant Business Plan Executive Summary This business plan for Sunrise Cantina reflects the opportunity to purchase the assets and leasehold of the restaurant. Sunrise Cantina will be a full service Mexican restaurant located in the world famous Marlin Hotel in South Beach. It is a great turnkey class A restaurant space in the heart of South Beach offering tourists the convenience of easy access to the beach and nightlife. The restaurant is fully furnished with fully equipped kitchen. The rental rate is $25,000 per month. The space available is 3,000 square feet. This location offers opportunity for sales through easy detection from Collins Avenue. It has a high concentration of customers and a tremendous need for an upscale restaurant that offers items for both children and adults. Sunrise Cantina operation seats 170 customers and offers both valet parking and self-parking. Each year millions of visitors pass through Miami Beach with hotels hosting 35% of them. Miami Beach is an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, offering an array of recreational activities. The travel expenditures for an average person run about $197.99 daily for lodging, meals in hotel, restaurants, non-restaurants, local transportation, parking; tolls, gasoline, entertainment and shopping. The intent is to set realistic business expectation, and eliminate any question in regards to profitability of this business venture. Mission Statement In hospitality the most important goal is meet the needs and demands of our customers. Our mission is to put customer first by providing excellent service and embracing change. We serve with integrity and live to leave a legacy of excellent service. The restaurant is unique in that we take care of our associates in order

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