Research Proposal on Use Infection Associated with Catheter

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73857449 How does technology affect the organizational structure, functioning, and effectiveness? Organizational structure involves the techniques companies’ position their different departments. For example, minor firms have flatter organizational structures with only a small number of management heights. On the other hand, bigger companies have tall organizational structures with many heights of management and staff. Firms apply several types of the organizational structure for explicit roles. For instance, a firm using a geographic organizational structure decentralizes a variety of roles including marketing due to different regional needs. Organizational technology refers to the various instruments or procedures an organization uses to convert inputs in to finished goods and services to be consumed by consumers. Many theories elucidate this connection, and in this case the contingency theory believes existence of a fit between the organizational structure, size, technology and the necessities of its environment. This clearly shows that all these facets have to work together in order for the firm to achieve its competitive advantage. New technologies like cell phones, the internet, satellites, television and more have brought the world closer and introduced new initiatives, routines and cultures to worldwide spectators. The extent and reach of these innovative technologies can be applied in business, social, military organizations and more. Business organizations have adopted network centric models that highlight decentralized implementation giving lesser organizations wide latitude in achieving set goals and objectives. Socially, the mass media becomes a means to contact and distribute information worldwide. Commercials, news report and television programs, becomes a means of disseminating ideas and resolutions globally. Mobile phones, internet and television

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