Bus 105 Swot Analysis

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Bus 105 Test 1 1. Using Kalamazoo Valley Community College as the Organization, give an example of a SWOT analysis (include at least three things for each category). Strengths Support student goal achievement through access to learning experiences and assessment Provide curriculum and supportive services relevant to the needs of individuals, enterprise and government Support economic vitality and stability through development of a skilled local workforce Weaknesses Limited class offerings that will transfer to universities The growth of the student population is growing faster than the faculty to accommodate Organization in financial aid there are often lack of staff helping and lack…show more content…
Organizations of all kinds are using marketing’s role in achieving goals from colleges and universities, charities, museums, and orchestras. The worldwide web has revolutionized every aspect of life. Consumers have a vast array of information, products, entertainment, or anything one can imagine anytime they want it. Marketers have the ability to reach consumers worldwide and can offer product information, they can categorize products, offer wish lists, gift cards, and feedback on their products from consumers. The internet offers competitive pricing, easy access and convenience, customers can personalize services. The worldwide web not only features products but also services that allow consumers to pay their utility, credit card, mortgage and car bills online. Customers can search travel destinations and make reservations for airfare, hotels, and rental cars from the comfort of their own home. Technology advancements have made connecting to the internet easier and affordable; many businesses offer hot spots for Wi-Fi access. More and more companies are using the internet to promote new products and services. Online communities such as forums allow consumers to post questions, give their opinion, and research products. Marketers can use this as an advantage to improve, customize and create new products based on consumer want and need. The internet has adversely affected many organizations since its inception; many people are turning to the web for their local and world news which has caused declining sales in newspapers forcing many to go under. Magazine sales have seen a decline as well with information being so readily available consumers can search just about anything from entertainment, sports, fashion, and automobiles. Many companies have had to adapt to

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