Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Tactics

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Kundler Fine Foods The purpose of this paper is to display and justify the importance given to marketing by an investigation in the development of Kudler Fine Foods marketing tactics and strategy. Elements will be identified for additional areas where an increase in market research is needed. By looking at competitive intelligence and analysis to carefully consider the development of Kudler Fine Foods marketing strategy and tactics. The development of the marketing strategy and tactics and how important each of them relates to the company, the analysis and overall competitive intelligence. Also how these areas will play an important role and if any additional area of research is needed. Importance of Marketing Research The best way for…show more content…
The customers displayed the overall cost of merchandise is a bit high. They do appreciate the loyalty and bonus programs, but achieving these loyalties and bonuses should not cost so much. Kundlers foods could experience an increase in customer satisfaction if they slightly reduced the cost of their products and services. Market research is a very important part of an organization's strategy to implement expansion and variation. Part of this research must include the competitor’s strategies. By understanding the competition and their strategies Kundlers can work to expand their services, grow and identify their own market…show more content…
By fully managing the organization and their effectiveness and efficiency Kundlers can obtain the overall business intelligences goal of the mission. The marketing strategy should look at and use a competitive intelligence to accomplish these goals. The strategies of understating and knowing productive organization can give the upper hand with knowing the competitors market. Also by viewing the competitor’s sites, stores, and marketing strategies Kundlers can achieve the mission they set for their own business to excel past the competition. Analysis within a business should serve as a vital function. Enabling Kundlers to compare along with identify various similarities and differences of marketing strategies. This should be true for their own business and their competitors. The overall goal is ultimately to design an ongoing profile that shows the competitor’s possible strategies and responses in change the industry. Viewing Kudler Fine Food site from a consumer perspective shows their site is user friendly, easy to navigate, and has no broken links on the web page. However, the information that Kundlers site offers is veg and very general. Their site offers only a bare minimal and could use more development and

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