Relationship Between Athens and Its Allies

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Athens and its allies between 500- 440 BC Athens between the time periods had a changing relationship between it and its allies with different key events that sculpted Athens to being a powerhouse amongst the other Greek states. The key events that were to the rise of Athens were the series of Persian wars, the formation of the Delian League and the development of Athens into an Empire as well as the running battle between Athens and Sparta. ‘The Persian Wars for the first time brought together all the Greeks states to form one defensive front against the daunting invasion of the Persians led fist by Darius than later on a much larger force by Xerxes they formed the Hellenic league with each Greek state represented by a delegate. The Ionian revolt saw Athens come to the aid of its Asia Minor allies and unknowingly aggravate the Persians to seek revenge. Persia was experiencing difficulties with Naxos between the democrats and oligarchs, the oligarchs fled to Miletus, where they asked Aristogoras for help to reinstate themselves in Naxos. Possibly seeking to further his own power and favour with Persian masters he insisted he suggest Naxos to be captured this would open way for Persian dominance over the Cyclades and across the Aegean. This back fired when 200 triremes and a force of Persians and Ionians failed to besiege Naxos. Aristogras feared Persian reprisals for the Naxos attack now sought to extricate himself from a difficult situation, he decided to lead a full scale Ionian Revolt.’ (Herodotus, Histories, Book V, 29-37 and 97-107) The Aid of Athens and Eretria sent ships and man to aid the Ionians under the command of Melanthius. The Athenians had some sympathy with the Ionians but were also concerned by the activities of a former Tyrant at the court of Darius, they also looked to establish trade within the Black Sea. This whole Revolt infuriated the
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