The Peloponnesian Wars: The Persian Wars

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By Dominick Fobbs “The Persian Wars were as important to the supremacy of Athens, as the Peloponnesian Wars were to supremacy of Sparta”. It started with the Greeks growing population, and some migrated along the Mediterranean Sea for new land. They settled along the eastern side of the Aegean Sea, right next to Persia. Thus, Persia taxed them, which resulted in a war breaking out. Persia conquered everyone they met at first. King Darius (king of Persia) sent messages to Athens and Sparta, telling them surrender; which they refused. Darius, now furious with the Greeks sent his army to fight at Marathon which was 26 miles away from Athens. The Persians lost this battle, a runner was sent to Athens to tell them of their victory. The Persians ran out of supplies and returned after the defeat of Marathon. The second invasion of Greece by the Persians happened in the year 480 BC. Xerxes was the Persian King at this time. He gathered a huge army. This army attacked the Greeks at Thermopylae, a town just north of…show more content…
It was a group of democratic city-states. Since Athenians were already democratic they decided to let Athens be the capital of Greece and run government issues. Once Athenians start to tax other city-states Sparta grows weary of the Athenians rule. This is what started the Peloponnesian Wars between Athens and Sparta (other city –states also helped). Now just like in the first war Sparta couldn’t do it alone; so they asked the Persians to help conquer Athens. They asked their own enemy for help. This truly was a good example of history repeating itself. Mainly because Spartans defeated the Persians on land and Athenians defeated them in the sea. This time Spartans defeated the Athenians on land and the Persians defeated the Athenians in the sea. This showed the supremacy of Sparta because of their excellent fighting skills and devotion to helping their
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