Peloponnesian War Research Paper

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The Peloponnesian War erupted from 431-404 BCE between the Spartans and the empire of the Athenians. Prior to this war the two enemies were allies against the Persians, but turned on each other. Reasons for this war were, power, greed, and treason between the two armies. Both of these powers wanted to be the most powerful and this caused a conflict amongst themselves. Athenians had been in previous wars and as time progressed it was clear that Athens had to be rebuilt, as the reconstruction process proceeded the Athenian empire began to dominate their allies politically and economically. The Athenians started the Delian League which provided funds for Athens to build up its navy which allowed them to gain power. Meanwhile Sparta, who was a military leader of the Greek world, made their own treaties that reached out to the Peloponnesian with the exception of Argos and Achaea.Both…show more content…
The truce was broken by the Athenians only ten years after it was signed because the empire looked to expand. In 433 BC Athens allied with Corcyra, who was a colony of Corinth, who was an ally of Sparta. This event is the main event that started the war in 431. Athens was accused of assault and Sparta threatened with war. Under Pericles leadership, Athens refused to back down and this war started. After 10 years of war, a truce cane in 421, but only lasted until 415. The last straw was when the Athenians launched a massive attack on Sicily. The expedition consisted of Athens, led by Alcibiades) attacking Sicily because they were the food providers for Sparta. Almost the whole Athenian army and navy was sent to cut off the supplies, however the plans backfired and Athens was greatly affected and barely recovered its military, finally in 405 the Spartan navy defeated Athenians in the battle of
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