Reflection on Online Shopping

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Reflection on online shopping Customers are seen shopping online for both goal oriented and experiential reasons. To be brief they shop to get necessary things and they shop to shop. But the goal oriented shopping is mostly seen in our day to day life in compared to experiential shopping. Importantly consumers report that shopping web brings about a significantly expanded sense about flexibility as contrasted with logged off shopping. It is also like a fun loving activity with lots of options. However the customer who believes in product experience is more likely to choose experiential terms. Including the fact that rapid growth of electronic commerce and the increasing number of users who uses World Wide Web for purchase info and online shopping but a very little is known about how a customer generally makes purchase decisions. A great option of online shopping websites is that they create opportunities for the consumers to create retail interfaces with highly interactive features. (HÃubl G. and Trifts V 2000). During making purchase decisions customers are not always able to concentrate on the alternative of the products so they generally use the two step process to make up their mind. The primary stage includes customers usually looks a lots of available products and identify a subset of most promising alternatives. And obviously in the second they brings up comparison between the products to select their desired purchases. (HÃubl G. and Trifts V 2000) For example now a days if we want to buy a phone then according to market we will bring up Samsung Galaxy s6 and Iphone 6 in our mind, then we will compare the two products comparing the camera quality, image resolution and other major characteristics. And most probably finally apple will win as it has got great brand recognition and outstanding products throughout the recent times.( lecture) The online

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