P1 Unit 3 Btec Level 3 Sub Diploma

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Marketing Techniques In recent years Apple has diversified their business massively, increasing their sales and effectively battling, but edging it, with Samsung for the phone market. Apple has penetrated the market by using network companies such as O2, Orange and 3. When you sign a contract with either of the network providers, most commonly a 24 month contract will see you paying a monthly fee for your service. When penning the contract you will see yourself with an iPhone 3GS… 24 Months later the provider will give you the option to upgrade to a better device, this will see yourself with an iPhone 4S. What I have just described is the process of getting an upgrade at the end of your contract, this is how Apple penetrate the market as when you upgrade, you will most likely go with a newer version of your old phone as you are used to the operating system and how the phone works. Apple released Apple TV in 2006; it allows the TV to access iTunes, Pictures & internet apps like Netflix. This is an example of Apples diversification. Apple uses market development to expand across different markets, for example they can provide anything from one of the top of the range smartphones on to the best tablets or pc’s/laptops. They have one of the best customer services by having stores that you can take your apple product in to and they’ll try to fix it in 10 minutes or they give you a new one. This is what customers want from a business that takes hundreds of pounds off of them. Apple’s bitten apple logo is recognised around the world. Each year they release a product that’s near on the same with just a few added features but still millions of people buy them, this is because of their renowned reputation in the phone market. Apple use relationship marketing when it comes to their customers as they take personal details such as address, phone number, email etc. to

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