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Explain how Internet Marketing can make your business more efficient, effective and successful (P5) The increasing availability of the web gives Adidas all kinds of opportunities to speed up their interaction with both suppliers and customers. Tis can lead to a number of efficiencies. Supply chain efficiencies: A business will always be both a buyer and a seller, buying products from other businesses , buying product from others and selling to others or private consumers. A company like Adidas has to buy the materials it uses before it can sell finished products. For business working with supply chains they can create smother, faster ways of dealing with the firms they regularly buy from. Many people across Adidas are engaged in supply-chain activities, this involves delivering sales or services to consumers, shipping products, negotiating with suppliers, trade partners, managing inventory, tracking orders and any other tasks. The internet offers Adidas a chance to manage the supply chain, speed up suppliers and integrate businesses along the chain. Opportunities to increase sales from existing customers: Businesses that adopt internet marketing strategy do so because they can see the opportunities either to improve sales within the markets they already serve or to enter complete new markets. As internet penetration increases and more business uses online strategy the web will become the accepted method for marketers. Opportunities to monitor competitor activity: Adidas must constantly monitor their competitors so that they can follow the strategy and objectives that will enable them to stay competitive. In an increasingly global business competitors come from anywhere. Adidas main competitor is

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