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Reading Reflection of “I’m Going” Ryan Danekas ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Prof. Concetta Williams 10/22/2012 Reading Reflection of “I’m Going” According to Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia literature is, “writings in prose or verse; especially: writings having excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest.” Literature allows us to expand our minds logically and allows people to keep an open mind on what they are reading. When a person reads a piece of literature a person can see the earth from different writer’s point of view. Each writer allows the reader to put them self in a different world and escape the life they live in currently. The short story by Tristan Bernard, “I’m Going” is a great and humorous piece of literature. In Tristan Bernard’s I’m Going!, it explains an issue that is true with a lot of couples around the world and sorts of times in the present and past. I liked this play because it is a genre of a comedy with kind of a social message. This play is definitely a farce. According to our text Journey Into Literature, a farce is “A comedy; a short play, in which both subtle humor and hilarity are developed through improbable situations, exaggeration and (often) ridiculous antics.”(2010). A lot of people can relate to this play because a lot of people have probably gone through this sometime in their relationship, which is a lack of communication. This play actually sounds a lot like my wife and I. We do the same thing when it comes to me or her going somewhere. We talk about it and then give each other a guilt trip until the other one gives in and does what the other wants. Using a Reader response approach I was able to connect to this piece of literature. This play caught my imagination because as I read it, I was able to relate to my wife and my marriage. I started thinking about

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