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Blackout 1. Ives originally planned to set Sure thing at a bus stop. What does its current setting in a café suggest about the character? The reason why Ives decided to do the setting in the café because it more a common place to meet somebody than sitting on the bus stop. 2. What happen on stage when the bell rings? In the beginning of the play every time the bell rings the main characters would keep asking each other the same questions or what they had said. 3. Who is the protagonist? What does the protagonist want? The Protagonist is the girl and she wants the guy to leave her alone. 4. Does the play have a dramatic question? Yes. 5. When does the climax of the play occur? The climax began they started asking each other questions about their relationship status. That’s when you can tell that they really began to like each other. 6. Is Sure Thing a romantic comedy or a farce? (See page 688-690 for a discussion of these types of comedy.) The play Sure Thing is a farce comedy. 7. “Sure Thing was not funny play because it isn’t realistic. Conversation just don’t happen this way.” Discuss that opinion. Do you agree or disagree? I disagree, even though it’s true that conversation doesn’t happen that way but the play does show a little humor. Especially, when they would repeat the same comments over and over and it’s was a little romantic at the same time. Trifles 1. What attitudes towards women do the Sheriff and the County Attorney express? How do Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters react to these sentiments? The Sheriff and the County Attorney attitude towards the women is seem superior like they seem that they wanted to make sure the women knew who is in charge. The women seemed a little closed off like they were protecting each other. 2. Why does the County Attorney care so much about discovering motives for the killing? In the play The County
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