Comparing Mercutio And Benvolio In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Two friends, almost complete opposites when it comes to their personalities, both attend Valencia High School. While one is cautious and keeps peace, the other loves a challenge and has many enemies. Their relationship is similar to that of Mercutio and Benvolio in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. These characters add flavor to the play in representing good and evil, influencing lovesick Romeo, and by adding wit to a serious-toned play. Mercutio, the hot-headed best friend of Romeo, adds wit and humor to the play Romeo and Juliet and was included in the play to make the audience laugh and also to keep them on the edge of their seats with suspense. Mercutio, in his humorous nature, loved to tease Romeo about his lovesickness; he calls Romeo a…show more content…
The opposite of Mercutio, Benvolio "[keeps] the peace" (I, i, 70) and often advises Mercutio to do the same, especially around Tybalt and the other Capulets, for he knows that if they met, they couldn't "scape a brawl" (III, i, 3). One may conclude from this that Benvolio is levelheaded and wise. From this advice to Mercutio, one may also discover that Benvolio tries to avoid arguments and other such spectacles. Benvolio proves himself to be a good friend to Romeo throughout the play by helping him get over his distressing place, which is not in Rosaline's heart. When Romeo, extremely depressed about his situation with Rosaline, and his friends went to a dance at the Capulet house, Benvolio attempted to help Romeo get his mind off Rosaline and cheer him up when he promised to make him "think thy swan (Rosaline) a crow" (I, ii, 94). Because of this promise, Benvolio tried to keep Rosaline off Romeo's mind and keep Mercutio from reminding Romeo of her all night. Benvolio's character keeps the play balanced by representing the good that keeps the other characters
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