Examples Of Dramatic Ironies In Romeo And Juliet

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Jared Gnyp SPBHS 5-27-12 ELA 1. Dramatic Irony- occurs when the audience or the reader knows something that a character in a play or story does not know. 2. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet has dramatic irony through out the whole play. Some of them were hard to point out but some were easy. Here are some of the dramatic ironies that happened in Romeo and Juliet. In the prologue of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet on pg 787 it begins ‘’two households, both alike in dignity…’’ that was an example of dramatic irony because at first you say that both the families are close and they get along well with each other. But as you read you find out that actually the two families are rivals. Another example of dramatic irony in the play is in scene 2 of act iv Juliet agrees to marry Paris but she had a plan. So Juliet goes back to her house and tells her dad she wants to marry him and originally the…show more content…
The only Capulet so far that he presented as a villain was Tybalt. The reason that Tybalt was a villain was because in the play he was the only Capulet that actually tried starting with the other family. Tybalt tried fighting Romeo but instead Mercutio jumped in for Romeo and Tybalt killed him. But after they fight Tybalt and Romeo fight and Romeo kills Tybalt. Also in the play Tybalt was basically asking to be killed because he started with them for no reason. Before Romeo killed Tybalt Lord Capulet actually liked Romeo and Tybalt wanted him to not make him like him anymore and it worked. And now Juliet has to lie to her father about everything and how she wants to marry Paris but she really wants to marry Romeo. So Tybalt basically ruined everything that Juliet wanted. Yes, Romeo does help us see them as complex human beings because it puts together how Tybalt and everyone else in the story and how they are all connected and how they all are different in the
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