Romeo And Juliet Argumentative Essay

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Abbey Houston Mr. Corn February 26, 2014 English 9 B Romeo and Juliet How would you feel, as you stood in front of your true love, who was once just alive and well, now laid to rest for all eternity? You'd be grief strucken and you may feel like you'd rather die than live without the love of your life. That's how it was with Romeo and Juliet. This love unseperable until the day Romeo finds his wife lying dead in her tomb. Really, Juliet was just in a coma from a potion she took so she can be with Romeo. However, Romeo had no knowledge of this, so he took his own life to be with her forever. Awakening to find a dead Romeo, Juliet took her life too, so she could be with him. How could such young love die so quickly? Who caused all this…show more content…
Juliet and Romeo fell in love and got secretely married, for they knew if their familes were to find out, they would be forbidden to see each other. Juliet wanted more than anything to be with Romeo for the rest of her life, but her family got in the way of her and her true love. One day, when Romeo was out in the streets with his cousin Benvolio and his friend Mercutio, Tybalt approached Romeo, requesting to duel him. Knowing that Tybalt was a Capulet, and knowing that if there was another fight to break out in the streets, Romeo would not only be fighting Juliet's cousin, but the Prince would punish him severely. Romeo doesn't want to be seperated from Juliet anymore than he was, so he declined the duel with Tybalt, and told him they had no reason to fight, and that the Prince would not be happy. Still, Tybalt insisted on fighting, so Mercutio steps in and fought in Romeo's place. Killing Mercutio, Romeo was furious and strikes down Tybalt. Now with Tybalt dead, Romeo is banished from Verona. The Capulets were the reason Romeo was exiled, thus causing Romeo and Juliet's tragic death. Another cause of their death is influenced by Juliet's own father. He told Juliet that she was to marry a man named Paris. Juliet refused because she loved another man, and because she was secretely married to Romeo. You would think her own father would be understanding of her wishes, but he commanded her to marry Paris or else he would disown her. Furious and devastated, Juliet took a potion that made her appear dead; this was the only way she could be with Romeo. With Romeo being exiled, he heard news of his wife's death and bought poison to kill
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