Romeo & Juliet - Whose to Blame?

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Who is to blame for the short-lived tragic end of Romeo and Juliet? Was it fate, the feud between the two families or one of the many characters in the play? All of these things and many more contributed to their deaths but what ultimately was to blame was no one but themselves. They were two young star-crossed lovers who didn’t know much about the world or about love. In this essay I will discuss the causes that brought the death of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet was only 14 years old and Romeo was only a young man. Romeo “[stands] on sudden haste” meaning he rushes into things and doesn’t quite think them through. It was Romeos chose to go to the party. This is where they first meet. Maybe if Juliet’s father hasn’t allowed Romeo to stay at the party they wouldn’t have met, this could have stopped the romance between then before it began and neither of them would have died. When Romeo goes to Juliet’s house she’s says that she has no joy of this contract [love] tonight, it is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden(act….). Juliet believes that it is too rash and she isn’t too sure if they are in love but she falls for what Romeo says. They hardly knew each other why didn’t they says I can’t be with him/her, I have to get over him/her. It was a chose they made. They chose to go the Friar to ask to be wed. No one pushed them into the marriage. Why didn’t Romeo beg Juliets father for her hand? If they haven’t of been married would they still have killed themselves? Maybe if the Friar had of not wed them or told there parents if would have stopped them. The fight with Tybalt was what causes the banishment of Romeo. If Romeo hadn’t of killed Tybalt he wouldn’t have been banishment which would have mean he would have got the message about Juliets fake death and wouldn’t have killed himself. It was Romeos chose to fight Tybalt. Juliets father tried to force her into a
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