Romeo & Juliet and West Side Story Comparison

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Romeo & Juliet and West Side story Romeo & Juliet and West Side story Throughout the years there has been many works that we admire and are dearest to us. These works include the themes violence, passion, tragedies, love and more. Romeo & Juliet the play and West side story are two time-less works we love and tend to compare. Although they have many similarities they have many differences. Romeo & Juliet is considered the greatest love story of all time. The story is about a young individual named Romeo that is looking for love and falls for the gorgeous Rosaline. But since she ignored him and wasn’t looking for love he fell into depression which gave the idea to his best friend Mercutio to convince him to go to a party to try forgetting about her. There instead of spying on Rosaline he meets the Beautiful Juliet which he met by chance and fell for. After falling in love with each other and kissing they both find out their love is forbidden due to the fact their families are enemies, so in order to stay together they risked everything and got married by Friar Lawrence. And as things were getting better everything was ruined after Juliet’s cousin Tybalt gets into a fight with Mercutio and kills him filling Romeo up with rage and he killed Tybalt which got him banished. So as Juliet finds out the news she fakes her death to escape from marrying Paris but nobody told Romeo this. He poisons himself and dies next to Juliet who so happened to awake after he dies and affected by Romeo not waking up, she stabs herself next to him. They died together in each other’s arms and the parents after finding out the secret love decide to make peace although they lost their only kids. West side story is a musical very similar to Romeo & Juliet. It is about two rival street gangs called the Jets (Whites) and the Sharks (Puerto Ricans). The main
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