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Brandon Argument Essay 12 June 2015 Blame Essay Being blamed is like being a deer shot in the guts with a bow. There is a big impact on your life. You try running away but you are slowly dying. Then you reach the point where you cant take it. You die. Those are like the consequences you receive when you get blamed. Being blamed can either kill you or make you stronger. Friar Lawerence is mostly to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death. He married the two in his cell. He helped them hide their relationship. Friar gave Juliet a potion that would allow her to fake her death for 42 hours (Shakespeare 74). Then Romeo would wake Juliet and they would live happily in Mantua. Friar made the wrong move. He should’ve just stayed away…show more content…
He wanted Romeo to go to the Capulet ball along with Benvolio due to the dream. That is where Romeo and Juliet first met. Mercutio caused Romeo to be banished from Verona. Mercutio got in a fight with Tybalt and ended up dead. Enraged, Romeo turned…show more content…
If Mercutio didn’t bring up Romeo’s dream, he probably wouldn’t have ended up dead. Romeo could also be a large part in the blame. Romeo and Rosaline had just broke up. Romeo was down on himself and really upset. He went to the Capulet party and met Juliet (Shakespeare 29). Romeo though he loved her. If Romeo and Rosaline never broke up, he could still be alive. Another person that could be to blame is Juliet. Juliet’s parents, the Capulets, wanted her to marry Paris. Juliet didn’t like Paris and wanted to marry Romeo. She refused to marry Paris (Shakespeare 66). When she seen Romeo at her families party she fell in love with him. Juliet should have went with her parent’s decision of Paris, she could possibly still be alive. Blame can be very detrimental to a person. Mercutio is most to blame. If he weren’t to give Romeo a speech about his dream, all would be okay. It’s safe to say blaming Mercutio is the best option since most actions and reactions lead back to him. Being blamed is like being a deer shot in the guts with a bow. Don’t be that deer and stay out of situations you don’t need to be

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