Mercutio Scene In Romeo And Juliet

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In scene 1 Mercutio and Benvolio are just walking outside and relaxing. They didn't want any trouble in fact Benvolio wanted to go inside. This is because the Capulets were out and they didn't want to get into a confrontation. Then Romeo comes to the scene and Mercutio and Benvolio can quite quite understand Romeo. Then the Capulets appear and Tybalt starts to talk. He challenges Romeo to a duel (scene 1 lines 20-25) but Mercutio being a good friend accepts it for him. Mercutio is winning but then Romeo steps in bravely and stops them. This distraction lets Tybalt reach between Romeo's arm and stabs Mercutio enough to watch him bleed out. Romeo tells Tybalt he will pay and join Mercutio on the way to heaven. Romeo kills Tybalt and everyone…show more content…
The nurse wasn’t clear of who died this made Juliet very sad and angry. Juliet thought she was talking about Romeo. Then the nurse talks of Tybalt and she ask if both of them are dead. Then the nurse tells her what happened. Juliet curses Romeo but still loves him at the same time. The nurse tries to coax her to believe men are evil. Then Juliet takes up for Romeo. She says that she shall not talk bad about her husband of three hours. She said that banishment is worse than any murder. Juliet says she will not cry for Tybalt but for Romeo. She tells the nurse to put the ladder away for she will die a widow. The nurse promises to give Romeo to her tonight. Juliet gives the nurse a ring to give to…show more content…
Romeo thinks that a lark the bird of the morning sung. Juliet thinks it is a nightingale, but the sun is cracking. Juliet still doesn't want Romeo to leave but Romeo doesn't want to get captured. The sun is getting higher and Romeo is told to leave. Lady Capulet start to come to the bedroom the nurse informed. Romeo leaves and kisses Juliet goodbye. Romeo tells Juliet that they will meet again another time. They are sad to say good bye but they do. Lady Capulet comes to see if Juliet is awake. She ask if Juliet will cry for her about it. Juliet says she will for a great loss. Lady said that the weeping is not for his death as long as the man who killed him is still out there. Juliet to get her mother not knowing about Romeo talks against him. Lady Capulet talks of a man will be sent to poison his drink. Juliet agrees that is a good plan. At this time Lady Capulet tells her about the marriage and what day it shall be upon. Juliet's parents call her crazy for talking this way. Yet Capulet calls her mean names and says that she will marry Paris. The Nurse takes up for Juliet and they get into an argument. Capulet says she will marry Paris and says that is final. Juliet asks for pity but it is not given. The the nurse gives Juliet some comfort to the situation by telling her the best thing to do is marry the count. Juliet agrees to marry Paris, but that is just a lie that she used to be alone. Juliet agrees that if her plan she conjured

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