Who Is Responsible For Romeo And Juliet's Downfall

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Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. It could be said that the person who is responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death is Lord Capulet. After all, he is the one who forced Juliet to marry Paris, which eventually led her to drink the potion and “kill” herself. Lord Capulet was so intent on saving his reputation; he did not realize all the pain he was putting his child through. However, one could also argue that the Nurse is at fault. When Juliet found that her future was to be with Paris, the Nurse sided with Lord Capulet, advising Juliet that it would be best for her to be with Paris. With the Nurse having abandoned Romeo and Juliet, it puts them in a vulnerable position. Under helpless and stressed conditions, both Romeo and Juliet…show more content…
One of them, as said before, is his failure to make outcomes; another one of his flaws is his impulsive nature. Romeo, after having just met Juliet, decides he wants to marry her. Friar Lawrence even warned Romeo about moving to fast . Throughout the play, Romeo made many unwise decisions and for all of them, he had to suffer afterwards. Evidence of his impulsive nature is highlighted in his journey to Juliet’s house to express his love for her when he barely knows her. He acts on his impulses when he decides to jump over the wall to the Capulets' house. The thing that was stupid and dangerous was that he never once thinks about whether he would get in trouble or be killed by one of the guards. Even Juliet was surprised that he managed to climb the wall without being caught. Further more, as the play progresses, after multiple impulsive acts, Romeo decides to kill himself when he finds Juliet “dead”. If he had chosen to simply think about what he was going to do or went to Friar Lawrence to make sure that Juliet was truly dead, Juliet would have been able to wake up and none of them would be dead. Ultimately, it was Romeo’s ignorant choices combined with his impulsive ways that ended up killing him and his
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