Tragedy in Romeo and Juliet

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English Essay: Prince, Nurse and Friar Lawrence’s Contribution to the Tragedy Peter Squire Prince Escalus, Nurse and Friar Lawrence all contributed to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in their own ways. None of them knew what they were doing; there is no villain in this tragedy. They each just happened to accidently affect the outcome of the story. These three characters weren’t the only ones to do this, many of the characters in the play contributed to the tragedy through haste, hatred, love, etc. None of these people knew what would eventually happen to Romeo and Juliet; they didn’t know they would cause the demise of the young couple. In fact some of these people weren’t even thinking about Romeo and Juliet at the time they contributed to the tragedy. The smallest decisions had a large effect on Romeo and Juliet in the end of this Shakespearian masterpiece. Friar Lawrence ended up contributing to the tragedy more directly than Nurse or the Prince. This was mostly due to poor timing and bad luck when it came to his plans. In his attempt to save Romeo and Juliet’s relationship he ended up killing them both. Nurse did the same by helping Juliet get into the whole relationship in the first place, then once again when she turned Juliet down when she asked for help to get out of marrying Paris. Nurse was just trying to do what was best for Juliet; but this time Nurse was wrong. Prince Escalus, unlike Nurse and Friar Lawrence didn’t affect the tragedy so directly. His contribution was more slight and interesting. The way he handled the law ended up leading to the horrible death of Romeo and Juliet. There was no way he could have seen it coming but there is no doubt that if he acted differently with his decision making the whole situation could have been avoided. Every one of these three characters could have prevented this tragedy. But they had no way of knowing that
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