Who Is the Most Responsible for the Tragic Events of Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Who is the most responsible for the tragic events of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet is indeed a tragic tale, and obviously quite a few people played a role in their deaths. However, the person most responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death is Romeo himself. Romeo is an impulsive, fickle, immature teenage boy with raging hormones. Ultimately, these characteristics cost him his life. Firstly, Romeo has demonstrated that he’s very impulsive throughout the entire play. From the moment he spoke to the moment he killed himself. For example, right after the party Romeo, most likely without thinking, went to go see Juliet. If he never went to go see her then they wouldn’t have gotten married, and they would both be alive. Also, Romeo bought the poison from the Apothecary, without taking the time to think things thorough, just because he was told Juliet was allegedly “dead.” “I do beseech you, sir, have patience. Your looks are pale and wild and do import Some misadventure.”(5.1.27-29) Even Balthasar tried to talk some common sense into him, but Romeo wouldn’t listen to him. Furthermore, he killed himself, and it wasn’t because he didn’t have another choice. In the end when it came to the decision of killing himself Romeo was the one who chose to drink the poison. No one forced him to do anything; he chose to kill Tybalt just as he chose to kill himself. Romeo all throughout the play acted without thinking, but it was this final impulse that made the story the tragic tale that it is. Secondly, Romeo can be quite immature at times. However his age does play a factor in that, nevertheless he should be more sensible than Juliet, especially because Juliet is only 13. Juliet undoubtedly is the more sensible one in the relationship. Romeo has shown his immaturity quite a few times throughout the play. “Did my heart love till now?
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