People Who Are Responsible For Romeo And Juliet's Death

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It’s a free 84 in 9th grade so yeah over romeo and Juliet in english I believe that people who are responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death. are the Capulet’s, the Montague’s, Tyblat ,Juliet’s nurse, Mercutio and Friar Laurence, the mail man ,Paris, Benolivo , Romeo and Juliet. The Montages and Capulet’s are both responsible through the death because they each other so much. “Thour villain Capulet!-Hold me not, let me go.” “My sword, I say Montague is come and flourishes blade in spite of me.” Act 1 scene 1 pg 1041. That Romeo and Juliet had to get married in secret. Then Capulet’s also tried to force Juliet to marry Paris even though she was already secretly married to Romeo. “The County Paris, at saint Peters Church Shall happily make thee there a joyful bride “Act 3…show more content…
Gave the potion to Juliet to simulate death. Friar Laurence is also responsible for not stopping Juliet from killing herself with Romeos dagger. The mailman who wasn’t willing to go deliver the latter of Juliet was going to fake her death but the mail man didn’t want to deliver it because the city was invested with diseases and didn’t want to risk getting them.Tyblat is responsible because he was trying to start a fight with Romeo but since Romeo didn’t Care so Mercutio fought Tyblat instead. Then Tyblat killed Mercutio and then Romeo killed Tyblat. “They fight. Tyblat falls.” Act 3 scene 1 pg 1092.Benolivo is responsible because he told Romeo that Juliet had died. He bought Romeo the poison he asked for to kill himself. Romeo is responsible because he acted out of anger which is when he killed Tyblat that got him banished from Verona. Then he killed Paris for asking him to leave Juliet’s grave. Also if he had been more patient he could have had a happy ending if he waited a couple of more minutes. Juliet’s fault for being stupid of thinking she in true love with a guy who she’s barely known for three days. Agreed to marry him in secret not telling her parents that
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