Reflection About Comedy

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Reflection Paper #3 Topic/Prompt Why do you think so many people laugh at jokes that put down other people? Can a joke be funny even if you find it distasteful? Have you used humor in this way yourself? Do you feel that it's appropriate? Explain why or why not. I think there are many reasons a person will laugh at a joke that will put down other people. One such reason is immaturity. Having worked with teenagers I think that this is their favorite way to joke around. I think it makes them feel better about themselves. Another reason is that you can see yourself in the joke a little bit. I think of comedians that joke about racial issues, sexual preference, or appearance. Most of the time that comedian is represented in that joke. My thought goes immediately to Chris Rock who jokes about black people, or Gabriel Iglesias who jokes about Mexicans and overweight people, who he likes to call fluffy. Gabriel is both Mexican and overweight.…show more content…
One such joke has to do with bodily functions. Even if you don’t want to laugh at these jokes, which I usually try not to, I still find myself giggling at them. Another thing that could be considered distasteful can be jokes about the genders. I notice that as a woman, there are many gender stereotypes. Those types of jokes can be funny even if they are a little offensive as a woman. Also some jokes, like those dealing with rape or the Holocaust, actually reinforces our disdain for that act. We laugh at the ridiculousness of the joke and then kind of go “ohhhh” and think more in depth at the
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